[ (noor-onz, nyoor-onz) ]

The basic unit of nerve tissue; the nerve cells. Neurons carry and transmit electrical signals throughout the nervous system.

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How to use neurons in a sentence

  • Let us next examine the structure of the nerve cells or neurons part of which serve as pathways for these messages.

    A Civic Biology | George William Hunter
  • This over excitation of neurons may come from without, or may come from within.

    Psychotherapy | James J. Walsh
  • It has been said that the movement of neurons has been observed in certain of the Medusae.

    Psychotherapy | James J. Walsh
  • There is usually a group of neurons in the path from the surface to the brain cortex.

    Psychotherapy | James J. Walsh
  • Your efficiency is kept in balance by little, invisible and automatic thought neurons.

    Supreme Personality | Delmer Eugene Croft