[vir-yuh-luhnt, vir-uh-]
  1. actively poisonous; intensely noxious: a virulent insect bite.
  2. Medicine/Medical. highly infective; malignant or deadly.
  3. Bacteriology. causing clinical symptoms.
  4. violently or spitefully hostile.
  5. intensely bitter, spiteful, or malicious: a virulent attack.

Origin of virulent

1350–1400; Middle English verulent < Latin vīrulentus, equivalent to vīr(us) poison (see virus) + -ulentus -ulent
Related formsvir·u·lent·ly, adverbhy·per·vir·u·lent, adjectivehy·per·vir·u·lent·ly, adverbnon·vir·u·lent, adjectivenon·vir·u·lent·ly, adverbsu·per·vir·u·lent, adjectivesu·per·vir·u·lent·ly, adverbun·vir·u·lent, adjectiveun·vir·u·lent·ly, adverb
Can be confusedviolent virulent

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    1. (of a microorganism) extremely infective
    2. (of a disease) having a rapid course and violent effect
  1. extremely poisonous, injurious, etc
  2. extremely bitter, hostile, etc
Derived Formsvirulently, adverb

Word Origin for virulent

C14: from Latin vīrulentus full of poison, from vīrus poison; see virus
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c.1400, in reference to wounds, ulcers, etc., "full of corrupt or poisonous matter," from Latin virulentus "poisonous," from virus "poison" (see virus). Figurative sense of "violent, spiteful" is attested from c.1600. Related: Virulently.

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non-virulent in Medicine


[vîryə-lənt, vîrə-]
  1. Extremely infectious, malignant, or poisonous. Used of a disease or toxin.
  2. Capable of causing disease by breaking down protective mechanisms of the host. Used of a pathogen.
  3. Intensely irritating, obnoxious, or harsh.
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