1. happening or likely to happen in an unplanned or subordinate conjunction with something else.
  2. incurred casually and in addition to the regular or main amount: incidental expenses.
  3. likely to happen or naturally appertaining (usually followed by to).
  1. something incidental, as a circumstance.
  2. incidentals, minor expenses.

Origin of incidental

First recorded in 1610–20; incident + -al1
Related formsin·ci·den·tal·ness, nounnon·in·ci·den·tal, adjectivenon·in·ci·den·tal·ly, adverbun·in·ci·den·tal, adjectiveun·in·ci·den·tal·ly, adverb
Can be confusedincidence incidents incidental

Synonyms for incidental

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British Dictionary definitions for nonincidental


  1. happening in connection with or resulting from something more important; casual or fortuitous
  2. (postpositive foll by to) found in connection (with); related (to)
  3. (postpositive foll by upon) caused (by)
  4. occasional or minorincidental expenses
  1. (often plural) an incidental or minor expense, event, or action
Derived Formsincidentalness, noun
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Word Origin and History for nonincidental



"casual, occasional," 1610s, from Medieval Latin incidentalis, from incidens (see incident (n.)). Incidentals (n.) "'occasional' expenses, etc.," is attested by 1707.

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