[ nawr-ee-ster ]

  1. an eastern North American storm that usually develops between the Georgia and New Jersey latitudes, progressing northeastward and typified by potentially violent northeast winds: most frequent and intense from September through April, nor’easters can develop within a hundred miles of the east coast and commonly bring heavy rain or snow and coastal damage: The nor’easter of 1992 breached the island and destroyed many homes.

Origin of nor'easter

First recorded in 1830–40; by shortening of northeaster
  • Also called north·east·er [nawrth-ee-ster; Nautical nawr-ee-ster], /ˌnɔrθˈi stər; Nautical ˌnɔrˈi stər/, north·east storm [nawrth-eest-stawrm] /ˌnɔrθˈist ˈstɔrm/ .

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