Nova Scotian

/ (ˈnəʊvə ˈskəʊʃən) /

  1. a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia

  1. of or relating to Nova Scotia or its inhabitants

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How to use Nova Scotian in a sentence

  • They said so in the most voluble manner, and the Nova Scotian did not like it.

    A Tramp's Notebook | Morley Roberts
  • Within five minutes, without the least warning, the Esmeralda was struck amidships by a big Nova Scotian barque.

    The Pillar of Light | Louis Tracy
  • They made periodical excursions to the salt water to fish, and to trade with a few friendly whites and Nova Scotian Micmacs.

    Brothers of Peril | Theodore Goodridge Roberts
  • It was eastwards and not westwards that the Nova Scotian of his day turned for a career.

    The Tribune of Nova Scotia | W. L. (William Lawson) Grant
  • I was the youngest and the most civilised, and the women naturally said it was the Nova Scotian's fault.

    A Tramp's Notebook | Morley Roberts