[ uh-kur-uhns, uh-kuhr- ]
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  1. the action, fact, or instance of occurring.

  2. something that happens; event; incident: We were delayed by several unexpected occurrences.

Origin of occurrence

1530–40; <Latin occurrent-, stem of occurrēns (present participle of occurrere “to run up to, run to meet”), from oc- (variant of ob- ; see ob-) + currere “to run” + -ence; compare Medieval Latin occurrentia

synonym study For occurrence

2. See event.

Other words for occurrence

Other words from occurrence

  • oc·cur·rent, adjective
  • pre·oc·cur·rence, noun
  • re·oc·cur·rence, noun

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/ (əˈkʌrəns) /

  1. something that occurs; a happening; event

  2. the act or an instance of occurring: a crime of frequent occurrence

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