olla podrida

[ ol-uh puh-dree-duh; Spanish aw-lyah paw-three-th ah, aw-yah ]
/ ˌɒl ə pəˈdri də; Spanish ˌɔ lyɑ pɔˈðri ðɑ, ˌɔ yɑ /


a spicy Spanish stew of sausage and other meat, chickpeas, and often tomatoes and other vegetables.
an incongruous mixture or miscellany; olio.

Origin of olla podrida

1590–1600; < Spanish: literally, rotten pot
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Examples from the Web for olla podrida

  • There were a variety of dishes: fish and fowl predominating, an olla-podrida, omelets, and puddings.

    The Young Llanero|W.H.G. Kingston

British Dictionary definitions for olla podrida

olla podrida

/ (pɒˈdriːdə, Spanish poˈðriða) /


a Spanish dish, consisting of a stew with beans, sausages, etc
an assortment; miscellany

Word Origin for olla podrida

literally: rotten pot
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