[ on-tair-ee-oh ]
/ ɒnˈtɛər iˌoʊ /


a province in S Canada, bordering on the Great Lakes. 412,582 sq. mi. (1,068,585 sq. km). Capital: Toronto.
Lake, a lake between the NE United States and S Canada, between New York and Ontario province: the smallest of the Great Lakes. 193 miles (310 km) long; 7540 sq. mi. (19,530 sq. km).
a city in SW California, E of Los Angeles.

Related forms

On·tar·i·an, On·tar·ic [on-tar-ik] /ɒnˈtær ɪk/, adjective, noun
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  • My point of departure was a little Ontarian country town of some ten thousand inhabitants—we will call it Dummer.

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Ontarioan (ɒnˈtɛərɪˌəʊən)

/ (ɒnˈtɛərɪən) /


a native or inhabitant of Ontario


of or relating to Ontario or its inhabitants

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/ (ɒnˈtɛərɪəʊ) /


a province of central Canada: lies mostly on the Canadian Shield and contains the fertile plain of the lower Great Lakes and the St Lawrence River, one of the world's leading industrial areas; the second largest and the most populous province. Capital: Toronto. Pop: 12 392 721 (2004 est). Area: 891 198 sq km (344 092 sq miles)Abbreviation: Ont., ON
Lake Ontario a lake between the US and Canada, bordering on New York State and Ontario province: the smallest of the Great Lakes; linked with Lake Erie by the Niagara River and Welland Canal; drained by the St Lawrence. Area: 19 684 sq km (7600 sq miles)

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Province in central Canada, bordered by Hudson Bay and James Bay to the north; Quebec to the east; the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Minnesota to the south; and Manitoba to the west. Its capital and largest city is Toronto.


The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is in southern Ontario.


Ottawa, Canada's capital, is in southeastern Ontario.


Ontario is the most heavily industrialized, populous, and prosperous province in Canada.
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