[ awr-uh nt, ohr- ]
/ ˈɔr ənt, ˈoʊr- /

noun Fine Arts.

a representation of a female figure, with outstretched arms and palms up in a gesture of prayer, in ancient and early Christian art.

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Also o·ran·te [aw-ran-tee, oh-ran-] /ɔˈræn ti, oʊˈræn-/, orans.

Origin of orant

1895–1900; < Medieval Latin ōrant- (stem of ōrāns), present participle of ōrāre to plead. See oration, -ant

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Examples from the Web for orante

  • A massive bronze ring has the bezel engraved with the figure of an orante; on the hoop is also a sigillum engraved with a cross.

    Finger-Ring Lore|William Jones
  • The back has an Orante or Virgin in the centre, and male figures at the ends, with S-shaped striations between.

    The Shores of the Adriatic|F. Hamilton Jackson
  • Quæ statim mortua est; sed paulò pòst, orante Taurino ac jubente ut resurgeret, in nomine Domini resuscitata est.