[awr-gaz-uh m]


the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ and usually accompanied in the male by ejaculation.
an instance of experiencing this.
intense or unrestrained excitement.
an instance or occurrence of such excitement.

verb (used without object)

to have an orgasm.

Origin of orgasm

1640–50; < New Latin orgasmus < Greek orgasmós, derivative of orgân to swell, be excited
Related formsor·gas·mic, or·gas·tic, adjectivenon·or·gas·mic, adjectivepost·or·gas·mic, adjectivepost·or·gas·tic, adjectivesu·per·or·gasm, noun
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the most intense point during sexual excitement, characterized by extremely pleasurable sensations and in the male accompanied by ejaculation of semen
rare intense or violent excitement
Derived Formsorgasmic or orgastic, adjective

Word Origin for orgasm

C17: from New Latin orgasmus, from Greek orgasmos, from organ to mature, swell
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Word Origin and History for orgasm

1680s, "sexual climax," from French orgasme or Modern Latin orgasmus, from Greek orgasmos "excitement, swelling," from organ "be in heat, become ripe for," literally "to swell, be excited," related to orge "impulse, excitement, anger," from PIE root *wrog- "to burgeon, swell with strength" (cf. Sanskrit urja "a nourishment, sap, vigor," Old Irish ferc, ferg "anger"). Also used 17c. of other violent excitements of emotion or other bodily functions.


1973, originally and usually in reference to a woman's sexual climax, from orgasm (n.). Related: Orgasmed; orgasming.

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Medicine definitions for orgasm




The highest point of sexual excitement, marked by strong feelings of pleasure and marked normally by ejaculation of semen by the male and by vaginal contractions within the female.climax
Related formsor•gasmic (ôr-găzmĭk) adj.
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The peak of sexual excitement, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and bv a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the male.
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