[ awr-thog-uh-nl ]
/ ɔrˈθɒg ə nl /


  1. Also orthographic.pertaining to or involving right angles or perpendiculars: an orthogonal projection.
  2. (of a system of real functions) defined so that the integral of the product of any two different functions is zero.
  3. (of a system of complex functions) defined so that the integral of the product of a function times the complex conjugate of any other function equals zero.
  4. (of two vectors) having an inner product equal to zero.
  5. (of a linear transformation) defined so that the length of a vector under the transformation equals the length of the original vector.
  6. (of a square matrix) defined so that its product with its transpose results in the identity matrix.
Crystallography. referable to a rectangular set of axes.

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Origin of orthogonal

1565–75; obsolete orthogon(ium) right triangle (< Late Latin orthogōnium < Greek orthogṓnion (neuter) right-angled, equivalent to ortho- ortho- + -gōnion -gon) + -al1

Related formsor·thog·o·nal·i·ty, nounor·thog·o·nal·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for orthogonally


/ (ɔːˈθɒɡənəl) /


relating to, consisting of, or involving right angles; perpendicular
  1. (of a pair of vectors) having a defined scalar product equal to zero
  2. (of a pair of functions) having a defined product equal to zero
Derived Formsorthogonally, adverb

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Word Origin and History for orthogonally



1570s, from French orthogonal, from orthogone, from Late Latin orthogonius, from Greek orthogonios "right-angled," from ortho- "straight" (see ortho-) + gonia "angle," related to gony "knee" (see knee (n.)). Related: Orthogonally.

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Science definitions for orthogonally


[ ôr-thŏgə-nəl ]

Relating to or composed of right angles.
Relating to a matrix whose transpose equals its inverse.
Relating to a linear transformation that preserves the length of vectors.
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