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[os-ten-tey-shuhn, -tuhn-]
  1. pretentious or conspicuous show, as of wealth or importance; display intended to impress others.
  2. Archaic. the act of showing or exhibiting; display.
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Origin of ostentation

1425–75; late Middle English ostentacioun < Middle French ostentation < Latin ostentātiōn- (stem of ostentātiō), equivalent to ostentāt(us) past participle of ostentāre to display, exhibit, frequentative of ostendere to present, display (equivalent to os-, var of ob- ob- + ten(dere) to stretch + -t- frequentative suffix + -ātus -ate1) + -iōn- -ion
Related formsnon·os·ten·ta·tion, noun

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1. See show.
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Related Words for ostentations

parade, show, pretension, spectacle, affectation, array, demonstration, splurge, swank, boasting, flash, exhibition, vainglory, swagger, braggadocio, pomp, fuss, bravado, pomposity, magnificence

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Historical Examples of ostentations

  • Its luxuries and ostentations were, in themselves, perhaps bad for us.

    All Roads Lead to Calvary

    Jerome K. Jerome

  • Such love is impossible to it, whatever its pretensions and ostentations in that respect.

  • It had been choked by the false principles and ostentations that her mother had taught her.

  • From the first he eschewed the facile trickeries and ostentations which allure the populace.

British Dictionary definitions for ostentations


  1. pretentious, showy, or vulgar display
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Word Origin and History for ostentations



mid-15c., from Old French ostentacion (mid-14c.) and directly from Latin ostentationem (nominative ostentatio) "showing, exhibition, vain display," noun of action from past participle stem of ostentare "to display," frequentative of ostendere "to show" (see ostensible).

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