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  1. an assemblage of articles that equip a person for a particular task, role, trade, etc.: an explorer's outfit.

  2. a set of usually matching or harmonious garments and accessories worn together; coordinated costume; ensemble: a new spring outfit.

  1. a set of articles for any purpose: a cooking outfit.

  2. a group associated in an undertaking requiring close cooperation, as a military unit.

  3. a business firm engaged in a particular form of commercial enterprise: a construction outfit.

  4. any company, party, or set.

  5. the act of fitting out or equipping for any purpose, as for a voyage, journey, or expedition.

  6. mental, physical, or moral equipment.

verb (used with object),out·fit·ted, out·fit·ting.
  1. to furnish with an outfit, equipment, etc.; fit out; equip: to outfit an expedition to the South Pole.

  2. Nautical. to finish equipping (a vessel) at a dock.

verb (used without object),out·fit·ted, out·fit·ting.
  1. to furnish oneself with an outfit.

Origin of outfit

First recorded in 1755–65; out- + fit1

Other words for outfit

Other words from outfit

  • outfitter, noun
  • pre·out·fit, verb (used with object), pre·out·fit·ted, pre·out·fit·ting.
  • re·out·fit, verb (used with object), re·out·fit·ted, re·out·fit·ting.

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/ (ˈaʊtˌfɪt) /

  1. a set of articles or equipment for a particular task, occupation, etc

  2. a set of clothes, esp a carefully selected one

  1. informal any group or association regarded as a cohesive unit, such as a military company, business house, etc

  2. the act of fitting out

  3. Canadian (formerly) the annual shipment of trading goods and supplies sent by a fur company to its trading posts

verb-fits, -fitting or -fitted
  1. to furnish or be furnished with an outfit, equipment, etc

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