[ out-fit ]
/ 藞a蕣t藢f瑟t /
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verb (used with object), out路fit路ted, out路fit路ting.
to furnish with an outfit, equipment, etc.; fit out; equip: to outfit an expedition to the South Pole.
Nautical. to finish equipping (a vessel) at a dock.
verb (used without object), out路fit路ted, out路fit路ting.
to furnish oneself with an outfit.
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Origin of outfit

First recorded in 1755鈥65; out- + fit1


outfitter, nounpre路out路fit, verb (used with object), pre路out路fit路ted, pre路out路fit路ting.re路out路fit, verb (used with object), re路out路fit路ted, re路out路fit路ting.
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What does聽outfit mean?

Outfit commonly means a set of clothes, especially when they have been designed or carefully selected to be worn together.

Outfit can also be used as a term for a company, organization, or group that works closely together. As a verb, it means to provide with the proper equipment.

Example: Oh, I just love your outfit鈥擨 would have never thought to mix a flower pattern with a leopard print.

Where does聽outfit come from?

The first records of outfit come from the mid-1700s. Its earliest uses relate to stocking ships with the proper equipment and supplies.

From there, it developed a sense referring to the things needed for an expedition. It鈥檚 rarely used this way today, but when used as a verb, outfit means 鈥渢o equip鈥 and it often refers to providing someone with the right gear, especially for a specialized purpose. Someone who does this is called an outfitter, and this term often refers to stores that sell hunting and outdoor equipment.

A group going on an expedition can also be called an outfit. This sense of the word is often used to refer to businesses in a particular industry, as in trucking outfit. It鈥檚 also applied to military units.

But the most common meaning of outfit refers collectively to the clothes that someone is wearing. Regardless of whether you put any thought into what they would look like together, the clothes you鈥檙e wearing right now are an outfit. However, outfit is most often understood as referring to a set of clothes (and accessories) that are meant to go together, as in Before I go to bed each night, I choose and lay out my outfit for the next day. (We see you with the yellow vest and the matching socks. It鈥檚 working.)

Outfit has a lot of meanings, but most of them relate to equipment or clothing. Remember: You can outfit (equip) an outfit (group) with outfits (coordinated clothing).

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What are some other forms related to outfit?

  • outfitter (noun)
  • outfitted (past tense verb)
  • preoutfit (verb)
  • reoutfit (verb)

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How is聽outfit used in real life?

Outfit is most often in the context of clothes and fashion. As a verb, it often relates to preparing for outdoor activities.



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British Dictionary definitions for outfit

/ (藞a蕣t藢f瑟t) /

a set of articles or equipment for a particular task, occupation, etc
a set of clothes, esp a carefully selected one
informal any group or association regarded as a cohesive unit, such as a military company, business house, etc
the act of fitting out
Canadian (formerly) the annual shipment of trading goods and supplies sent by a fur company to its trading posts
verb -fits, -fitting or -fitted
to furnish or be furnished with an outfit, equipment, etc
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