[ rig ]
/ rɪg /

verb (used with object), rigged, rig·ging.


Verb Phrases

rig down, Nautical. to place in an inactive state, stowing all lines, tackles, and other removable parts.
rig up, to equip or set up for use.

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Origin of rig

1480–90; 1930–35 for def 4; probably < Scandinavian; compare Norwegian, Swedish rigg (noun), rigga (v.)

Related formsout·rig, verb (used with object), out·rigged, out·rig·ging.o·ver·rigged, adjectiveun·der·rigged, adjective

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/ (rɪɡ) /

verb rigs, rigging or rigged (tr)


Word Origin for rig

C15: from Scandinavian; related to Norwegian rigga to wrap


Scot and Northern English dialect a ridge or raised strip of unploughed land in a ploughed field

Word Origin for rig

a variant of ridge

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