[ fash-uhn ]
/ ˈfæʃ ən /
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verb (used with object)


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Idioms about fashion

    after / in a fashion, in some manner or other or to some extent; in a makeshift, unskillful, or unsatisfactory way: He's an artist after a fashion.

Origin of fashion

First recorded in 1300–1350; Middle English facioun, fasoun “shape, manner,” from Anglo-French faço(u)n, façun, Old French faceon, from Latin factiōn- (stem of factiō ) “a making, company, party.” See faction1

synonym study for fashion

1. Fashion, style, vogue imply popularity or widespread acceptance of manners, customs, dress, etc. Fashion is that which characterizes or distinguishes the habits, manners, dress, etc., of a period or group: the fashions of the 18th century. Style is sometimes the equivalent of fashion, but also denotes conformance to a prevalent standard: to be in style; a chair in the Queen Anne style. Vogue suggests the temporary popularity of certain fashions: this year's vogue in popular music.


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What is a basic definition of fashion?

Fashion is a popular style or trend of something, especially clothing. Fashion is also the general conventions of politeness that society conforms to or an attitude or manner. Fashion can also mean to create something. Fashion has several other senses as a noun and a verb.

Fashion means a popular trend or a style, especially when it comes to clothing.

Real-life examples: Supermodels display the latest fashions of designer clothing on catwalks. Fashion magazines discuss the most popular clothing styles. We often look back with nostalgia (or embarrassment) of popular fashions of clothing, dance, and music of past decades.

Used in a sentence: The pop singer only wore clothes that were of the latest fashions. 

More generally, fashion is used to refer to what society as a whole considers to be acceptable dress, manners, or etiquette. In this sense, something is often said to be “in fashion” or “out of fashion.” In both this and the previous sense, the word fashionable describes something or someone that conforms to popular fashions.

Real-life example: The word groovy was once a popular word to mean something was great or excellent. Today, groovy has largely fallen out of fashion. If you use it, you may be considered out of touch with popular slang.

Used in a sentence: Ripped jeans came back in fashion after the popular singer started wearing them. 

Fashion is a manner or attitude. This sense is often written as “in a … fashion.”

Used in a sentence: The man walked through the mall in a sloth-like fashion. 

Fashion also means to create or build something. This sense often implies that you put something together quickly or had to use whatever parts were available.

Used in a sentence: The stranded sailor fashioned a fishing rod out of a stick and twine.

Where does fashion come from?

The first records of the word fashion come from around 1300. It ultimately comes from the Latin factiōn-, meaning “a making, company, party.”

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What are some other forms related to fashion?

  • fashionless (adjective)
  • fashioner (noun)
  • antifashion (noun, adjective)
  • misfashion (noun)
  • misfashioned (adjective)

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How is fashion used in real life?

Fashion is commonly used to refer to things that are popular or trendy, especially clothing.



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The word fashion refers to something that is unpopular or unacceptable to society.

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British Dictionary definitions for fashion

/ (ˈfæʃən) /

verb (tr)

Derived forms of fashion

fashioner, noun

Word Origin for fashion

C13 facioun form, manner, from Old French faceon, from Latin factiō a making, from facere to make
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see after a fashion; in fashion.

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