[ fas-il or, esp. British, -ahyl ]
/ ˈfæs ɪl or, esp. British, -aɪl /


moving, acting, working, proceeding, etc., with ease, sometimes with superficiality: facile fingers; a facile mind.
easily done, performed, used, etc.: a facile victory; a facile method.
easy or unconstrained, as manners or persons.
affable, agreeable, or complaisant; easily influenced: a facile temperament; facile people.

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Origin of facile

1475–85; < Latin facilis that can be done, easy, equivalent to fac(ere) to do, make + -ilis -ile

Related forms
Can be confusedfacile facilitate facility felicitate

facile princeps

[ fah-ki-le pring-keps; English fas-uh-lee prin-seps ]
/ ˈfɑ kɪˌlɛ ˈprɪŋ kɛps; English ˈfæs ə li ˈprɪn sɛps /


easily the first or best.
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British Dictionary definitions for facile


/ (ˈfæsaɪl) /


easy to perform or achieve
working or moving easily or smoothly
without depth; superficiala facile solution
archaic relaxed in manner; easygoing
Derived Formsfacilely, adverbfacileness, noun

Word Origin for facile

C15: from Latin facilis easy, from facere to do

facile princeps

/ Latin (ˈfæsɪlɪ ˈprɪnsɛps) /


an obvious leader

Word Origin for facile princeps

literally: easily first

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