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[out-goh-ing or for 5, -goh-]
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  1. going out; departing: outgoing trains.
  2. leaving or retiring from a position or office: A farewell party was given for the outgoing members of the board of directors.
  3. addressed and ready for posting: outgoing mail.
  4. of or relating to food prepared for delivery or consumption off the premises: outgoing orders at the pizza parlor.
  5. interested in and responsive to others; friendly; sociable: an outgoing personality.
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  1. Usually outgoings. Chiefly British. expenses; money expended.
  2. the act of going out: The ship's outgoing proved more difficult than its incoming.
  3. something that goes out; effluence: an outgoing measured in kilowatt hours.
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Origin of outgoing

1300–50; Middle English (gerund); see out-, going
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exposure, flow, crack, leakage, expenditure, outlay, spending, loss, outgoing, puncture, fissure, drop, drip, crevice, decrease, slip, escape, aperture, detriment, hole

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Historical Examples of outgoings

  • But I dare say I shall find the outgoings nothing to what the cook made them.'


    Charlotte M. Yonge

  • She found that, in all her outgoings and her incomings, he prevented her.

    The Rainbow

    D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence

  • Who was I, little grey worm that I was, to question his outgoings and his incomings?

    The Belovd Vagabond

    William J. Locke

  • I thank my Maker, I know nothing of their incomings or outgoings.

    Red Gauntlet

    Sir Walter Scott

  • My mother came not often, for she was closely watched in her incomings and outgoings.

British Dictionary definitions for outgoings


pl n
  1. expenditure
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  1. departing; leaving
  2. leaving or retiring from officethe outgoing chairman
  3. friendly and sociable
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  1. the act of going out
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Word Origin and History for outgoings



1630s, "that goes out," from out (adv.) + going. Meaning "sociable, friendly," attested from 1950, on same notion as in extrovert. Middle English had a noun outgoing "a departure," mid-14c., from a verb outgo "to go forth," and Old English had utgangende "outgoing" (literal). Related: Outgoingness.

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