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[verb out-shoot; noun out-shoot]
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verb (used with object), out·shot, out·shoot·ing.
  1. to surpass in shooting, as in accuracy or in number of shots made.
  2. to shoot beyond.
  3. to shoot (something) out; send forth: a tree outshooting its roots.
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verb (used without object), out·shot, out·shoot·ing.
  1. to shoot forth; project: sparks outshooting from the fire.
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  1. an act or instance of shooting out: an outshoot of his fist that staggered his opponent.
  2. something that shoots out: a row of outshoots from the soil.
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Origin of outshoot

First recorded in 1520–30; out- + shoot1
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Examples from the Web for outshoot

Historical Examples

  • These leather-chapped youths could outride and outshoot them.

    The Fighting Edge

    William MacLeod Raine

  • The first ball was an outshoot that just cut the corner of the plate.

  • There was scarce a man in the Cumberlands or the Appalachians who could outshoot him.

  • Time was when I could outshoot thee three matches in four; now should I miss the side of a house at a hundred paces.

    Sea-Dogs All!

    Tom Bevan

  • If we cannot outshoot Blinkers, as you call him, we shall take our medicine like men.

British Dictionary definitions for outshoot


verb (ˌaʊtˈʃuːt) -shoots, -shooting or -shot
  1. (tr) to surpass or excel in shooting
  2. to go or extend beyond (something)
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noun (ˈaʊtˌʃuːt)
  1. a thing that projects or shoots out
  2. the act or state of shooting out or protruding
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