or ou·sel

[ oo-zuh l ]
/ ˈu zəl /


Origin of ouzel

before 900; Middle English osel merle, blackbird, Old English ōsle, cognate with German Amsel; akin to Latin merula; see merle1
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/ (ˈuːzəl) /


the ring ouzel or water ouzelSee ring ouzel, dipper
an archaic name for the (European) blackbird

Word Origin for ouzel

Old English ōsle, related to Old High German amsala (German Amsel), Latin merula merle 1
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also ousel, from Old English osle "blackbird," from West Germanic *amslon- (cf. Old High German amsala, German amsel), probably from PIE *ams- "black, blackbird" (cf. Latin merula "blackbird," Welsh mwyalch "blackbird, thrush," Breton moualch "ouzel").

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