/ (ˌəʊvəˈfɒnd) /

adjective(postpositive foll by of)
  1. excessively keen (on)

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How to use overfond in a sentence

  • And though I have never been overfond of New York, that curtain in that place gave me a sensation!

    A Traveller in War-Time | Winston Churchill
  • Even Peter Mink, who was himself overfond of biting people, wisely let Mr. Turtle alone.

    The Tale of Timothy Turtle | Arthur Scott Bailey
  • Sir Marmaduke had ever been overfond of wandering about the lonely woods of Thanet alone.

  • At no time overfond of study, he regarded residence in college as a most desirable emancipation from the restraint of home life.

    The Third Degree | Charles Klein and Arthur Hornblow
  • Rab's overfond of the whisky, and never does nothing when he can help it, which is gey often, I'm thinking.

    The League of the Leopard | Harold Bindloss