[ rich ]
/ rɪtʃ /

adjective, rich·er, rich·est.


(used with a plural verb) rich persons collectively (usually preceded by the): new tax shelters for the rich.

Origin of rich

before 900; Middle English; Old English rīce (adj.) ≪ Celtic; cognate with German reich wealthy; akin to Latin rēx, Sanskrit rājan king


1 well-to-do, moneyed. Rich, wealthy, affluent all indicate abundance of possessions. Rich is the general word; it may imply that possessions are newly acquired: an oilman who became rich overnight. Wealthy suggests permanence, stability, and appropriate surroundings: a wealthy banker. Affluent usually suggests a generous amount of income, with a high standard of living and some social prestige and privilege: an affluent family.
5 bountiful, copious, luxuriant.
7 precious, high-priced, dear.
12 intense, vibrant.
14 aromatic.
15 fruitful, productive, prolific, luxuriant.
16 bountiful, copious, abounding, bounteous.


1–5, 15, 16 poor.

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  • Now doth it provoke the lower classes, all benevolence and petty giving; and the overrich may be on their guard!

    Thus Spake Zarathustra|Friedrich Nietzsche

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/ (ˌəʊvəˈrɪtʃ) /


(of food) excessively flavoursome or fatty
being excessively abundant, strong, etcoverrich heroin

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/ (rɪtʃ) /


Adrienne. 1929–2012, US poet and feminist writer; her volumes of poetry include Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law (1963) and Diving Into the Wreck (1973)
Buddy, real name Bernard Rich . 1917–87, US jazz drummer and band leader

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/ (rɪtʃ) /



See riches

Word Origin for rich

Old English rīce (originally of persons: great, mighty), of Germanic origin, ultimately from Celtic (compare Old Irish king)
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