[ par-uh-kleet ]
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  1. an advocate or intercessor.

  2. (initial capital letter) the Holy Spirit; the Comforter.

Origin of paraclete

1400–50; <Medieval Latin, Late Latin Paraclētus<Late Greek Paráklētos comforter, literally, (person) called in (to help), verbid of parakaleîn (equivalent to para-para-1 + kaleîn to call); replacing late Middle English paraclit<Medieval Latin Paraclītus, representing Medieval Greek Paráklētos

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/ (ˈpærəˌkliːt) /

  1. rare a mediator or advocate

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/ (ˈpærəˌkliːt) /

  1. Christianity the Holy Ghost as comforter or advocate

Origin of Paraclete

C15: via Old French from Church Latin Paraclētus, from Late Greek Paraklētos advocate, from Greek parakalein to summon as a helper, from para- 1 + kalein to call

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