verb (used without object), par·took, par·tak·en, par·tak·ing.

to take or have a part or share along with others; participate (usually followed by in): He won't partake in the victory celebration.
to receive, take, or have a share or portion (usually followed by of): to partake of a meal.
to have something of the nature or character (usually followed by of): feelings partaking of both joy and regret.

verb (used with object), par·took, par·tak·en, par·tak·ing.

to take or have a part in; share.

Origin of partake

1555–65; back formation from partaking, Middle English part taking, translation of Latin participātiō participation
Related formspar·tak·a·ble, adjectivepar·tak·er, nounpre·par·take, verb (used without object), pre·par·took, pre·par·tak·en, pre·par·tak·ing.un·par·tak·en, adjectiveun·par·tak·ing, adjective

Synonym study

1. See share1. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Related Words for partaking

feed, sip, consume, engage, receive, ingest, sample, savor, devour, take, participate, divide

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Contemporary Examples of partaking

Historical Examples of partaking

  • Pierre did not speak out until they were partaking of dessert.

  • What if she, by partaking of his fortunes, might have won him to an honorable and just life.

  • But are there any modes of partaking of being other than these?

  • But can it partake of being when not partaking of being, or not partake of being when partaking of being?

  • Nor by reason of themselves will they be other than one another, if not partaking of the other.

British Dictionary definitions for partaking


verb -takes, -taking, -took or -taken (mainly intr)

(foll by in) to have a share; participateto partake in the excitement
(foll by of) to take or receive a portion, esp of food or drinkeach partook of the food offered to him
(foll by of) to suggest or have some of the quality (of)music partaking of sadness
(tr) archaic to share in
Derived Formspartaker, noun

Word Origin for partake

C16: back formation from partaker, earlier part taker, based on Latin particeps participant; see part, take


Partake of is sometimes wrongly used as if it were a synonym of eat or drink. Correctly, one can only partake of food or drink which is available for several people to share
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Word Origin and History for partaking



1560s, back-formation from Middle English part-taking (late 14c.), or part-taker (c.1400), both translations of Latin particeps "participant" (n.), also "sharing, partaking" (see participation). Related: Partook; partaking.

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