[ pask-flou-er ]
/ ˈpæskˌflaʊ ər /


an Old World plant, Anemone pulsatilla, of the buttercup family, having purple, crocuslike flowers blooming about Easter.
a related plant, A. patens, having similar flowers: the state flower of South Dakota.

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Origin of pasqueflower

Pasque (variant spelling of Pasch) + flower (so named by the herbalist Gerarde in 1597); replacing passeflower < Middle French passefleur; see pass Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for pasqueflower


/ (ˈpɑːskˌflaʊə, ˈpæsk-) /


a purple-flowered herbaceous ranunculaceous plant, Anemone pulsatilla (or Pulsatilla vulgaris), of N and Central Europe and W Asia
any of several related North American plants, such as A. patens
Symbol: paschal flower, pulsatilla

Word Origin for pasqueflower

C16: from French passefleur, from passer to excel + fleur flower; changed to pasqueflower Easter flower, because it blooms at Easter

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