1. a combining form meaning “suffering,” “disease,” “feeling,” used in the formation of compound words: pathology.

Origin of patho-

Combining form representing Greek páthos;see pathos
  • Also especially before a vowel, path-.

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How to use patho- in a sentence

  • An uneasy, eccentric, patho-psychio gyration, caused by disappointment or thwarted ambition.

    The Roycroft Dictionary | Elbert Hubbard
  • Pańćokshaṇo madhye tasthur maho divaḥ—Te sedhanti patho vṛikaṁ tarantaṁ yahvatr apaḥ; Ṛigv.

  • Yo naḥ pshann agho vṛiko duḥeva dideati apa sma tvam patho ǵahi—Paripanthinam mashvṇaṁ huraćitam—Dvayvinaḥ; Ṛigv.

    Zoological Mythology (Volume II) | Angelo de Gubernatis

British Dictionary definitions for patho-


combining form
  1. disease: pathology

Origin of patho-

from Greek pathos suffering; see pathos

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