[ pa-truh-klahy-nee, pey- ]
/ ˈpæ trəˌklaɪ ni, ˈpeɪ- /

noun Genetics.

inheritance in which the traits of the offspring are derived primarily from the paternal parent (opposed to matrocliny).

Origin of patrocliny

1915–20; patro- (variant of patri- with -o-) + -cliny (see matrocliny)
Related formspat·ro·cli·nous, pat·ro·clin·al, pat·ro·clin·ic [pa-truh-klin-ik, pey-] /ˌpæ trəˈklɪn ɪk, ˌpeɪ-/, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Word Origin and History for patroclinous



"resembling the father rather than the mother," 1913, from patri- + Greek klinein "to lean" (see lean (v.)).

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Medicine definitions for patroclinous


[ păt′rə-klīnəs ]


Having inherited traits that more closely resemble the father's side than the mother's side.
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