n. pl. pe•dic•u•li (-lī′)

A pedicle.



A genus of parasitic lice of the family Pediculidae that live in the hair and that includes species that infest the human scalp and body.
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Historical Examples of pediculus

  • The pediculus and culex marinus the sea lowse and flie are also no strangeres.

  • Si went back to his cooking, with the Pediculus still on his arm.

  • There is the Pediculus Capitis—Latin again—but it means the kind that lives on the head.

  • And now, bidding the "pediculus corporis" adieu with a great deal of pleasure, I ask the reader's attention to another theme.

  • I wish to settle the point once for all whether the Pediculus Mellitae is or is not the larva of Meloe.

    The Poet at the Breakfast Table

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.