[pi-duhng-kuh l, pee-duhng-]


  1. a flower stalk, supporting either a cluster or a solitary flower.
  2. the stalk bearing the fruiting body in fungi.
Zoology. a stalk or stem; a stalklike part or structure.
  1. a stalklike structure composed of white matter, connecting various regions of the brain.
  2. an attachment process, as in the brachiopods.

Origin of peduncle

1745–55; < New Latin pedunculus, equivalent to Latin ped-, stem of pēs foot + -unculus diminutive suffix, orig. of n-stems; cf. carbuncle, homunculus
Related formspe·dun·cled, pe·dun·cu·lar [pi-duhng-kyuh-ler] /pɪˈdʌŋ kyə lər/, adjectivein·ter·pe·dun·cu·lar, adjectivepost·pe·dun·cu·lar, adjectivepre·pe·dun·cle, nounsub·pe·dun·cle, nounsub·pe·dun·cled, adjectivesub·pe·dun·cu·lar, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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branch, trunk, shoot, stock, axis, pedicle, pedicel, petiole

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the stalk of a plant bearing an inflorescence or solitary flower
anatomy a stalklike structure, esp a large bundle of nerve fibres within the brain
pathol a slender process of tissue by which a polyp or tumour is attached to the body
biology another name for pedicel (def. 2)
Derived Formspeduncled or peduncular (pɪˈdʌŋkjʊlə), adjective

Word Origin for peduncle

C18: from New Latin pedunculus, from Latin pedīculus little foot; see pedicle
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Word Origin and History for peduncle

1753, from Modern Latin pedunculus "footstalk," diminutive of pes (genitive pedis) "foot" (see foot (n.)).

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peduncle in Medicine


[pĭ-dŭngkəl, pēdŭng′kəl]


Related formspe•duncu•lar (pĭ-dŭngkyə-lər) adj.
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peduncle in Science


[pĭ-dŭngkəl, pēdŭng′kəl]

The stalk that attaches a single flower, flower cluster, or fruit to the stem. See more at flower.
A stalk supporting an animal organ, such as the eyestalk of a lobster.
A slender stalk by which the base of a nonsessile tumor is attached to normal tissue.
Any of several stalklike connecting structures in the brain, composed either of white matter or of white and gray matter.
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