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noun Botany.
  1. any of the Phanerogamia, a former primary division of plants comprising those having reproductive organs; a flowering plant or seed plant (opposed to cryptogam).
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Origin of phanerogam

1860–65; < New Latin phanerogamus, equivalent to Greek phaneró(s) visible + -gamos -gamous
Related formsphan·er·o·gam·ic, phan·er·og·a·mous [fan-uh-rog-uh-muh s] /ˌfæn əˈrɒg ə məs/, phan·er·o·ga·mi·an [fan-er-uh-gey-mee-uh n] /ˌfæn ər əˈgeɪ mi ən/, adjectivephan·er·og·a·my, noun
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Historical Examples

  • These characters connect them with the phanerogams, or flowering plants.

    The Elements of Geology

    William Harmon Norton

  • A Manual of the Phanerogams and Pteridophytes of, being vol.

  • The first Part related to the Phanerogams only, arranged according to the Linnaean system.

  • What families, either through their mass of individuals or their number of species, take precedence of the other Phanerogams?

    Everyday Objects

    W. H. Davenport Adams

  • If we suppose that they exceed only by 2000 the estimated number of Phanerogams, we shall obtain a total of just half-a-million!

    Everyday Objects

    W. H. Davenport Adams

British Dictionary definitions for phanerogams


  1. any plant of the former major division Phanerogamae, which included all seed-bearing plantsNow called spermatophyte Compare cryptogam
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Derived Formsphanerogamic or phanerogamous (ˌfænəˈrɒɡəməs), adjective

Word Origin

C19: from New Latin phanerogamus, from Greek phaneros visible + gamos marriage
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