[spur-mat-uh-fahyt, spur-muh-tuh-]


any of the Spermatophyta, a primary division or group of plants comprising those that bear seeds.

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Origin of spermatophyte

1895–1900; < New Latin Spermotophyta; see spermato-, -phyte

Related formssper·ma·to·phyt·ic [spur-muh-tuh-fit-ik, spur-mat-uh-] /ˌspɜr mə təˈfɪt ɪk, spɜrˌmæt ə-/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for spermatophyte




(in traditional classifications) any plant of the major division Spermatophyta, which includes all seed-bearing plants: an angiosperm or a gymnospermFormer name: phanerogam
Derived Formsspermatophytic (ˌspɜːmətəʊˈfɪtɪk), adjective

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Science definitions for spermatophyte



See seed-bearing plant.
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