[ spur-mat-uh-fawr, -fohr, spur-muh-tuh- ]
/ spɜrˈmæt əˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr, ˈspɜr mə tə- /
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noun Zoology.

a capsule surrounding a mass of spermatozoa, produced by the male of various animal species and transferred to the female.



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Origin of spermatophore

First recorded in 1840–50; spermato- + -phore
sper·ma·toph·or·al [spur-muh-tof-er-uhl], /ˌspɜr məˈtɒf ər əl/, sper·ma·toph·o·rous [spur-muh-tof-er-uhs], /ˌspɜr məˈtɒf ər əs/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for spermatophore

/ (ˈspɜːmətəʊˌfɔː) /


a capsule of spermatozoa extruded by some molluscs, crustaceans, annelids, and amphibians
spermatophoral (ˌspɜːməˈtɒfərəl), adjective
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Scientific definitions for spermatophore

[ spər-mătə-fôr′ ]

A capsule or compact mass of spermatozoa extruded by the males of certain invertebrates and primitive vertebrates and directly transferred to the reproductive parts of the female.
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