[ fon ]
/ fɒn /


a unit for measuring the apparent loudness of a sound, equal in number for a given sound to the intensity in decibels of a sound having a frequency of 1000 cycles per second when, in the judgment of a group of listeners, the two sounds are of equal loudness.

Origin of phon

First recorded in 1930–35, phon is from the Greek word phōnḗ voice

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Definition for phon (3 of 3)


variant of phono- before a vowel: phonic. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (fɒn) /


a unit of loudness that measures the intensity of a sound by the number of decibels it is above a reference tone having a frequency of 1000 hertz and a root-mean-square sound pressure of 20 × 10 –6 pascal

Word Origin for phon

C20: via German from Greek phōnē sound, voice

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abbreviation for

Also: phonet phonetics
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Variant ofphono-
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[ fŏn ]

A unit of apparent loudness. The loudness of a signal in phons is equal to the intensity in decibels of a 1,000-hertz tone judged to be as loud as the signal being measured.
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