[ fahy-sis ]

noun,plural phy·ses [fahy-seez]. /ˈfaɪ siz/.
  1. the principle of growth or change in nature.

  2. nature as the source of growth or change.

  1. something that grows, becomes, or develops.

Origin of physis

<Greek phýsis origin, natural form of a thing; akin to phŷlon race (see phylon)

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How to use physis in a sentence

  • Another—It is all physiological units: but his reason asks—What is the “physis,” the nature and innate tendency of the units?

    Westminster Sermons | Charles Kingsley
  • Another: It is all physiological units; but his reason asks: What is the “physis,” the nature and “innate tendency” of the units?

  • Phlegmatos d' ouden epoisen h physis organon kathartikon, hoti psychron kai hygron esti kai hoion hmipeptos tis troph.

  • Founded by the philosophers upon nature (physis) it was physical.

    Comparative Religion | J. Estlin Carpenter
  • Greatest, said Galen, is the physis, and Hippocrates is its prophet.