[ pig-hed-id ]
/ ˈpɪgˌhɛd ɪd /


stupidly obstinate; stubborn: pigheaded resistance.

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Origin of pigheaded

1610–20; pig1 + -headed

Related formspig·head·ed·ly, adverbpig·head·ed·ness, noun

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Examples from the Web for pigheadedness

  • You know, Underhill, confidence and pigheadedness are not even connected by marriage; much less are they blood relations.

    L. P. M.|J. Stewart Barney
  • Oh, you've got some of the old man's pigheadedness, have you?

    The Colossus|Opie Read
  • Call it my pigheadedness if you like; I can't very well object to anything you call me; but I won't come.

    The Tower of Oblivion|Oliver Onions
  • Bixler had none of the bluntness, the pigheadedness, the brutality of this—but then, there was no comparing the two.

Word Origin and History for pigheadedness



also pig-headed, see pig (n.) + headed. Usually, but not always, figurative.

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