or piss-ant

  1. Slang: Vulgar. insignificant or worthless.

Origin of pissant

1655–65, in sense “ant”; piss + ant, probably orig. on the model of pismire
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British Dictionary definitions for pissant


  1. an insignificant or contemptible person
  1. insignificant or contemptible

Word Origin for pissant

C17: from piss + ant
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Word Origin and History for pissant

1660s, "an ant," from first element of pismire (q.v.) + ant. Meaning "contemptible, insignificant person" is from 1903.

"[B]y sun-down [the gals] come pourin out of the woods like pissants out of an old log when tother end's afire." ["Dick Harlan's Tennessee Frolic," in collection "A Quarter Race in Kentucky," Philadelphia, 1846]
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