[ pis ]

verb (used without object),pissed, piss·ing.
  1. to urinate.

Idioms about piss

  1. piss away, Slang. to squander; fritter away:

  2. piss off, Slang.

    • to anger.

    • to go away; leave (often used imperatively).

  1. take a piss, to urinate.

Origin of piss

1250–1300; Middle English pissen<Old French pissier<Vulgar Latin *pisiāre (imitative)

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How to use piss in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for piss


/ (pɪs) slang /

  1. (intr) to urinate

  2. (tr) to discharge as or in one's urine: to piss blood

  1. an act of urinating

  2. urine

  1. Australian beer

  2. on the piss drinking alcohol, esp in large quantities

  3. piece of piss something easily obtained of achieved

  4. take the piss to tease or make fun of someone or something

  5. piss all over to be far superior to: a version that pisses all over the original

Origin of piss

C13: from Old French pisser, probably of imitative origin

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