pitch circle

  1. an imaginary circle within the profiles of the teeth of a gear, such that it rotates against a similar circle rotating at the same rate on a meshing gear.

Origin of pitch circle

First recorded in 1810–20

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How to use pitch circle in a sentence

  • And to pencil in the teeth these circles must be fully drawn, as in Figure 234, in which P P is the pitch circle.

  • Where these divisions intersect the pitch circle are the centres from which all the teeth curves may be drawn.

  • When two gears of equal size mesh together, the pitch line, or the pitch circle, as it isp.

  • In fact, if a jewel pin was set to engage the fork on the pitch circle b a, the escapement would lock.

  • The circle b b represents the pitch circle of the jewel pin, and the circle at c c the periphery of the guard or safety roller.

British Dictionary definitions for pitch circle

pitch circle

  1. an imaginary circle passing through the teeth of a gearwheel, concentric with the gearwheel, and having a radius that would enable it to be in contact with a similar circle around a mating gearwheel

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