[ plat-fawrm ]
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  1. a horizontal surface, or structure with a horizontal surface, raised above the level of the surrounding area.

  2. a raised flooring or other horizontal surface, such as a stage for use by public speakers, performers, etc., in a hall or meeting place.

  1. a place for public discussion; forum.

  2. the raised area between or alongside the tracks of a railroad station, from which the cars of the train are entered.

  3. the open entrance area, or the vestibule, at the end of a railroad passenger car.

  4. a landing in a flight of stairs.

  5. a public statement of the principles, objectives, and policy of a political party, especially as put forth by the representatives of the party in a convention to nominate candidates for an election: The platform contained the usual platitudes.

  6. a body of principles on which a person or group takes a stand in appealing to the public; program; policy: The Fabians developed an all-embracing platform promising utopia.

  7. a system of religious principles or doctrines.

  8. a decklike construction on which the drill rig of an offshore oil or gas well is erected.

  9. Digital Technology.

  10. Also plat·form busi·ness mod·el . a business model that facilitates financial, social, collaborative, or other connections between large networks of producers and consumers, typically through digital technology infrastructure: Rather than providing a product or service to a consumer, as a producer would, the value contribution of a platform is the strength and scale of its network.

  11. Building Trades. a relatively flat member or construction for distributing weight, as a wall plate, grillage, etc.

  12. Military.

    • solid ground on which artillery pieces are mounted.

    • a metal stand or base attached to certain types of artillery pieces.

  13. Nautical. flat1 (def. 42a).

  14. a flat, elevated piece of ground.

  15. Geology. a vast area of undisturbed sedimentary rocks that, together with a shield, constitutes a craton.

    • a thick insert of leather, cork, or other sturdy material between the uppers and the sole of a shoe, usually intended for stylish effect or to give added height.

    • Also plat·form shoe . a shoe with such an insert.

Origin of platform

First recorded in 1540–50; earlier platte forme, from Middle French: literally, “flat form, plane figure”; see plate1, form

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  • plat·form·less, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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/ (ˈplætfɔːm) /

  1. a raised floor or other horizontal surface, such as a stage for speakers

  2. a raised area at a railway station, from which passengers have access to the trains

  1. the declared principles, aims, etc, of a political party, an organization, or an individual

  2. a level raised area of ground

    • the thick raised sole of some high-heeled shoes

    • (as modifier): platform shoes

  3. a vehicle or level place on which weapons are mounted and fired

  4. a specific type of computer hardware or computer operating system

Origin of platform

C16: from French plateforme, from plat flat + forme form, layout

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Scientific definitions for platform


[ plătfôrm′ ]

  1. The basic technology of a computer system's hardware and software, defining how a computer is operated and determining what other kinds of software can be used. Additional software or hardware must be compatible with the platform.

  2. The part of a continent's craton (the ancient, relatively undisturbed portion of a continental plate) that is covered by flat or nearly flat strata of sediment.

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A political party's or candidate's written statement of principles and plans. A platform is usually developed by a committee at the party convention during a presidential campaign.


The combination of computer hardware and operating system that applications must be compatible with.

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