noun, plural plec·tra [plek-truh] /ˈplɛk trə/.

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[plek-truh m]

noun, plural plec·tra [plek-truh] /ˈplɛk trə/, plec·trums.

a small piece of plastic, metal, ivory, etc., for plucking the strings of a guitar, lyre, mandolin, etc.
Anatomy, Zoology. an anatomical part resembling a plectrum in shape.

Origin of plectrum

1620–30; < Latin plēctrum < Greek plêktron Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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noun plural -trums or -tra (-trə)

any implement for plucking a string, such as a small piece of plastic, wood, etc, used to strum a guitar, or the quill that plucks the string of a harpsichord

Word Origin for plectrum

C17: from Latin plēctrum quill, plectrum, from Greek plektron, from plessein to strike

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something used to pluck the strings of a musical instrument, 1620s, from Latin plectrum, from Greek plektron "thing to strike with" (pick for a lyre, cock's spur, spear point, etc.), from plek-, root of plessein "to strike" (see plague (n.)).

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