[ pluhm ]
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  1. the drupaceous fruit of any of several trees belonging to the genus Prunus, of the rose family, having an oblong stone.

  2. the tree itself.

  1. any of various other trees bearing a plumlike fruit.

  2. the fruit itself.

  3. a raisin, as in a cake or pudding.

  4. a deep purple varying from bluish to reddish.

  5. Informal. an excellent or desirable thing, as a fine position: The choicest plums went to his old cronies.

  6. Informal. an unanticipated large increase in money or property, as an unexpected legacy; a windfall: The company offered bonuses and other plums.

  7. Also called displacer . a large stone used in massive concrete construction.

adjective,plum·mer, plum·mest.
  1. extremely desirable, rewarding, profitable, or the like: a plum job in the foreign service.

Origin of plum

before 900; Middle English; Old English plūme (cognate with German Pflaume) ≪ Greek proûmnon plum, proúmnē plum tree; cf. prune1

Other words from plum

  • plumlike, adjective

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[ pluhm ]

  1. a city in SW Pennsylvania. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use plum in a sentence

  • Now, it immediately occurred to Davy that he had never in his whole life had all the plums he wanted at any one time.

    Davy and The Goblin | Charles E. Carryl
  • If it be taken from others 'tis like plums stuck upon blackthorns; there they are for a while, but they come to nothing.

    Pearls of Thought | Maturin M. Ballou
  • I should have made the dumplings with more fruit in them, master, only Letty cautioned me not to be extravagant with the plums.

    The World Before Them | Susanna Moodie
  • The tea was delicious in its first delicate infusion; the pickled plums most stimulating to a morning appetite.

    The Dragon Painter | Mary McNeil Fenollosa
  • Mata brought in to them, immediately, hot tea and a small dish of pickled plums.

    The Dragon Painter | Mary McNeil Fenollosa

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/ (plʌm) /

  1. a small rosaceous tree, Prunus domestica, with white flowers and an edible oval fruit that is purple, yellow, or green and contains an oval stone: See also greengage, damson

  2. the fruit of this tree

  1. a raisin, as used in a cake or pudding

    • a dark reddish-purple colour

    • (as adjective): a plum carpet

  2. informal

    • something of a superior or desirable kind, such as a financial bonus

    • (as modifier): a plum job

Origin of plum

Old English plūme; related to Latin prunum, German Pflaume

Derived forms of plum

  • plumlike, adjective

British Dictionary definitions for plum (2 of 2)


/ (plʌm) /

adjective, adverb

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