verb (intr)

informal (often foll by along, round, etc) to move or travel in a leisurely manner; amble

Word Origin for poddle

C19: variant of paddle ²
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Examples from the Web for poddle

Historical Examples of poddle

  • The door opened, and I heard Mrs. Poddle say, 'This way, gentlemen!

    The Merryweathers

    Laura E. Richards

  • What she wrote was: He stepped in a poddle up to his noddle.

  • I 've a back room looks out on the Poddle, for two shillings a week, furnished.

    Sir Jasper Carew

    Charles James Lever

  • It lies in the Liberty, and opens upon that classic precinct called 'The Poddle.'

    Sir Jasper Carew

    Charles James Lever

  • It is altogether likely that the word which we pronounce puddle was familiar to Mater Anser's dialect as poddle.