noun British Slang.

a pimp.
a campily effeminate male.

Origin of ponce

First recorded in 1870–75; of obscure origin




a seaport in S Puerto Rico.
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a man given to ostentatious or effeminate display in manners, speech, dress, etc
another word for pimp 1


(intr; often foll by around or about) to act like a ponce

Word Origin for ponce

C19: from Polari, from Spanish pu (n) to male prostitute or French pront prostitute



a port in S Puerto Rico, on the Caribbean: the second largest town on the island; settled in the 16th century. Pop: 185 930 (2003 est)
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Word Origin and History for ponce

slang term, chiefly British, 1872, originally "a pimp, a man supported by women" (pouncey in same sense is attested from 1861), of unknown origin, perhaps from French pensionnaire "boarder, lodger, person living without working." Meaning "male homosexual" first attested 1932 in Auden [OED]. Also as a verb. Related: Poncey.

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