or pos·sy

[ pos-ee ]
/ ˈpɒs i /

noun Australian.

a job; position.

Origin of possie

First recorded in 1915–20; shortening and alteration of position

Definition for possies (2 of 2)

[ pos-ee ]
/ ˈpɒs i /

noun, plural pos·sies. Australian.

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Examples from the Web for possies

  • These men had crept into their "possies," or crevices in the wall, and tucked their toes out of the way.

    Australia in Arms|Phillip F.E. Schuler
  • The infantry alongside were in possies, as we called them, holes dug in the trenches to keep a man from being exposed.

  • Ever ingenious, the troops commenced collecting tins, and anything that would keep their "possies" and dugouts dry.

    Australia in Arms|Phillip F.E. Schuler

British Dictionary definitions for possies



/ (ˈpɒzɪ) /


Australian and NZ informal a place; positionif we're early for the film we'll get a good possie at the back
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