[ poh-zee ]
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noun,plural po·sies.
  1. a flower, nosegay, or bouquet.

  2. Archaic. a brief motto or the like, as one inscribed within a ring.

Origin of posy

1400–50; late Middle English; syncopated variant of poesy

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How to use posy in a sentence

  • Posies smelled better than people and were often used to help mask body odor.

  • "Eat her up," said Rosy posy, who was ecstatically gazing at her beautiful big sister.

    Marjorie's Busy Days | Carolyn Wells
  • "But we have some littler ones," said her husband, gaily, as he prepared for a game of romps with Kitty and Rosy posy.

    Marjorie's Busy Days | Carolyn Wells
  • "He wants to come out," said Rosy posy, of a particularly big and ferocious-looking lion.

    Marjorie's Busy Days | Carolyn Wells
  • It is the daughter of Arbaces, who flung him the posy of flowers as his chariot passed beneath her in our triumph.

    Sarchedon | G. J. (George John) Whyte-Melville
  • “Give me one posy, mamma, only one;” and the little chubby hands were outstretched for a tempting rose-bud.

    Ruth Hall | Fanny Fern

British Dictionary definitions for posy


/ (ˈpəʊzɪ) /

nounplural -sies
  1. a small bunch of flowers or a single flower; nosegay

  2. archaic a brief motto or inscription, esp one on a trinket or a ring

Origin of posy

C16: variant of poesy

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