[ poh-uh-see, -zee ]
/ ˈpoʊ ə si, -zi /

noun, plural po·e·sies.

the work or the art of poetic composition.
  1. poetry in general.
  2. verse or poetry in metrical form.
  1. a poem or verse used as a motto.Compare posy(def 2).
  2. a poem.

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Origin of poesy

1300–50; Middle English poesie < Middle French < Latin poēsis < Greek poíēsis poetic art, poetry, literally, a making, equivalent to poiē-, variant stem of poieîn to make + -sis -sis

Can be confusedpoesy posey posy

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/ (ˈpəʊɪzɪ) /

noun plural -sies

an archaic word for poetry
poetic the art of writing poetry
archaic, or poetic a poem or verse, esp one used as a motto

Word Origin for poesy

C14: via Old French from Latin poēsis, from Greek, from poiēsis poetic art, creativity, from poiein to make

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Word Origin and History for poesy



late 14c., "poetry; poetic language and ideas; literature; a poem, a passage of poetry," from Old French poesie (mid-14c.), from Vulgar Latin poesia (source of Provençal, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian poesia), from Latin poesis "poetry, a poem," from Greek poesis "composition, poetry," literally "a making, fabrication," variant of poiesis, from poein, poiein "to make or compose" (see poet). Meaning "the art of poetry" is late 15c.

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