potassium permanganate

  1. a very dark purple, crystalline, water-soluble solid, KMnO4, used chiefly as an oxidizing agent, disinfectant, laboratory reagent, and in medicine as an astringent and antiseptic.

Origin of potassium permanganate

First recorded in 1865–70

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British Dictionary definitions for potassium permanganate

potassium permanganate

  1. a dark purple poisonous odourless soluble crystalline solid, used as a bleach, disinfectant, and antiseptic. Formula: KMnO 4: Systematic name: potassium manganate(VII)

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Scientific definitions for potassium permanganate

potassium permanganate

  1. A dark purple crystalline compound used as an oxidizing agent and disinfectant and in deodorizers and dyes. Chemical formula: KMnO4.

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