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[puh-ten-zuh; Italian paw-ten-tsah]
  1. a city in Basilicata, in S Italy.
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Ancient Po·ten·ti·a [puh-ten-chee-uh] /pəˈtɛn tʃi ə/.

scientia est potentia

[skee-en-tee-ah est poh-ten-tee-ah; English see-en-shee-uh est poh-ten-shee-uh]
  1. knowledge is power.
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Also sci·en·ti·a po·ten·ti·a est.
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Historical Examples of potentia

  • “But it could have existed in potentia and not in actu,”2 observed Don Filipo.

    The Social Cancer

    Jos Rizal

  • He hath the abilities of the mind in potentia, and actu nothing but boldness.

  • The next morning his man (in actu or potentia) enjoys his pickadels.

  • It is but the raw material of knowledge, knowledge in potentia.

  • Of the towns of the interior the most considerable was Potentia, still called Potenza.