[ pot-suh-lah-nuh; Italian pawt-tsaw-lah-nah ]

  1. a porous variety of volcanic tuff or ash used in making hydraulic cement.

Origin of pozzolana

1905–10; <Italian <Latin puteolāna, feminine of puteolānus of Pozzuoli (<Latin Puteolī literally, little springs); see -an
  • Also poz·zo·lan [pot-suh-luhn], /ˈpɒt sə lən/, poz·zuo·la·na [pot-swuh-lah-nuh; Italian pawt-tswaw-lah-nah], /ˌpɒt swəˈlɑ nə; Italian ˌpɔt tswɔˈlɑ nɑ/, puzzolan, puzzolana.

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