verb (used with object), an·nounced, an·nounc·ing.
  1. to make known publicly or officially; proclaim; give notice of: to announce a special sale.
  2. to state the approach or presence of: to announce guests; to announce dinner.
  3. to make known to the mind or senses.
  4. to serve as an announcer of: The mayor announced the program.
  5. to state; declare.
  6. to state in advance; declare beforehand.
  7. to write, or have printed, and send a formal declaration of an event, especially a social event, as a wedding.
verb (used without object), an·nounced, an·nounc·ing.
  1. to be employed or serve as an announcer especially of a radio or television broadcast: She announces for the local radio station.
  2. to declare one's candidacy, as for a political office (usually followed by for): We are hoping that he will announce for governor.

Origin of announce

1490–1500; < Middle French anoncer < Latin annūntiāre, equivalent to an- an-2 + nūntiāre to announce, derivative of nūntius messenger
Related formsan·nounce·a·ble, adjectivepre·an·nounce, verb (used with object), pre·an·nounced, pre·an·nounc··an·nounce, verb (used with object), re·an·nounced, re·an·nounc·ing.un·an·nounced, adjectivewell-an·nounced, adjective
Can be confusedannounce enunciate pronounce

Synonyms for announce

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1. Announce, proclaim, publish mean to communicate something in a formal or public way. To announce is to give out news, often of something expected in the future: to announce a lecture series. To proclaim is to make a widespread and general announcement of something of public interest: to proclaim a holiday. To publish is to make public in an official way, now especially by printing: to publish a book. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

British Dictionary definitions for preannounced


  1. (tr; may take a clause as object) to make known publicly; proclaim
  2. (tr) to declare the arrival ofto announce a guest
  3. (tr; may take a clause as object) to reveal to the mind or senses; presagethe dark clouds announced rain
  4. (intr) to work as an announcer, as on radio or television
  5. US to make known (one's intention to run as a candidate)to announce for the presidency

Word Origin for announce

C15: from Old French anoncer, from Latin annuntiāre, from nuntius messenger
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Word Origin and History for preannounced



c.1500, "proclaim, make known," from Old French anoncier "announce, proclaim" (12c., Modern French annoncer), from Latin annuntiare, adnuntiare "to announce, relate," literally "to bring news," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + nuntiare "relate, report," from nuntius "messenger" (see nuncio). Related: Announced; announcing.

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